As part of our Health and Well being Programme there are a few new activities in Clonoe Community Centre. Yoga will be on Wednesday evenings with Bernie Hanna and there will be a Friday morning Mindfulness session with Madeleine McBride, both accredited, experienced local practitioners.

Yoga is an ancient practice of postures, breathing, visualisation and meditation to promote good health and inner peace.
Practising Yoga will help you attain balance in body, mind and spirit. The main purpose of Yoga is to still the mind. It can teach gentle control and use of the breath to raise energy levels while maintaining calm and inner peace.
The most widely taught form of yoga in the West is Hatha yoga. Classes offer students exercises to stretch and flex their body; develop breath awareness; relaxation and sometimes meditation.

The Health of Body, Mind and Emotions is continuously affected by stress, violence, diet, environment, daily news and the challenges of life. The use of simple ancient healing skills and modern modalities can empower us to live with peace and wellbeing no matter what is happening around us. These techniques can be used at times when we feel drained, anxious or depressed. These tools are for all of us, to empower us when we feel overwhelmed and stressed by the challenges and crisis’s from daily life.
The mindfulness course will be tailored to suit participants’ needs and covers

Fingerholds to manage emotions
Gentle Yoga Practices
Tai Chi Meditation
Emotional Freedom Technique
Head and Shoulder Holds
Acupressure for pain and traumatic stress
Mindfulness Meditation
And many more….

ContactAlice for more details 07526834948.  This programme has received funding from CLEAR Mental Health Programme.

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