This is My Time / Spring Clean Your Life

This is My Time

This two hour workshop explores low self-confidence and self-esteem as barriers to living a full and happy life and can impact negatively on positive mental health.  It focuses on motivation and how to make changes in life through looking at what you are just putting up with.  Using the life coaching tool, “Tolerations Exercise” participants will look at what small actions they can take in their lives to make the changes they need to make.  The programme also looks at how to manage stress as this has a detrimental effect on good mental health.  Participants are encouraged to set wellbeing goals and actions that they can commit to and hopes to ignite a passion in them to make changes that are good for their mental health.  It will touch on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing as a framework for positive mental health.


Spring Clean Your Life

This is a two hour workshop helping participants explore what areas of their life are working well and what isn’t going so good.  It uses the life coaching tool, “The Wheel of Life”to help  people to identify where they need to make changes to enable them to live a full and positive life.  The programme uses basic CBT principles around how your thinking can affect your feelings, behaviour and affect you physically.

Participants are gently challenged to identify negative thinking styles and how to change these.  With a focus on positivity participants are asked to develop actions they might take to make changes and are supported to explore tips for positive change.  This workshop also explores Mindfulness as a way of reducing stress and will finish with a short Mindfulness meditation exercise.



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